About Me

I am a Senior UX Designer (SaaS) with 8+ years of creating users centered design solutions and conducting user research. I've worked on a variety of projects including designing new features or improving older products for both desktop and mobile.

I LOVE THIS FIELD! I come from a design background (web & print). What originally drew me to UX is that it's less about opinions, and very much about following processes and coming to validated conclusions. 


I'M CAREFUL & LOOK AT PROBLEMS HOLISTICALLY.  Two case studies in my portfolio highlight when this really paid off for users and the business. ("New Feature: Track & Report Usage" and "Improve Alert System.")

I'VE BEEN PART OF A THRIVING, BEST-PRACTICES UX TEAM. I'm a lifelong learner and know that the best recipe for growth & the best outcomes for users happens within a team culture. Our industry is continually changing and growing. It's imperative to continue to grow as designers, and I want to always contribute to this type of culture. 

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