UX Work

Mobile Usability Test
(Case Study)

I needed to validate the redesign of a mobile app. Would the redesign be more efficient and effective than the current experience?

My Role

  • Writing the tasks and the script

  • Scheduling participants

  • Facilitating the study

  • Compiling the research notes

  • Creating a summary report

  • Making recommendations

New Feature: Track & Report Usage
(Case Study)

The "Library" is similar to Netflix in that users can view content any time. But in addition to videos, there are other content types such as pdf's, links, certifications, courses etc. A tracking and reporting feature was needed to help users view and report on their  professional development work.

My Role

I was tasked with understanding this problem & creating the  feature that would  allow users to view & report on their usage. 

Journey Map of the IEP Process 

(Case Study)

Tommy is having difficulty with reading. He may have a learning disability and would benefit from an Individualized Education Program (IEP). I needed to create a journey map of the IEP process

My Role

I was tasked with understanding and visually representing the IEP process in a way that could be used as a teaching tool and as a reference for the many projects ahead.

Improve Alert System
(Case Study)

The goal was to improve the alert system and the UI in order to ensure accuracy of user's data and to ensure that users would meet federally mandated deadlines. Federal funding was on the line for users.

My Role

I was tasked with making recommendations for UI improvements and providing assets for developers.

Visual Samples


This gallery shows samples from several projects. Samples include new features, wireframes, prototype visuals, journey maps, and website design.


This article, "Building Accessibility into Our Software & Processes," was published in February 2019. It describes my roll in helping to promote accessibility in our workplace. The work I did was a foundational step in the grass roots movement that evolved.

The Value of Heuristic Evaluations

A heuristic evaluation is a powerful research method that can quickly and inexpensively reveal usability issues. This article touches on the many benefits that come from heuristic evaluations both for individual designers and for companies.

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